Thank you for considering volunteering for an HBMS PTA Board and Committee Chair position. Most of these positions can be filled as co-chairs. If you would like more information, or you would like to volunteer and don’t see the right fit, please contact

Box Tops
Big G Box Tops is a corporate program.  Students bring in box tops from General Mills products, and HBMS PTA submits them to the sponsor and receives money in return.  The Chair is responsible for promoting the program, collecting box tops, counting the box tops, and submitting them.

Campus Beautification
The Building Beautification Chair is responsible for leading campus improvement projects on an ad hoc basis.  Sample projects include small painting jobs, overseeing the landscaping efforts around the school, etc.

Career Day
During Career Day, parents and/or community members instruct our students in a wide variety of career opportunities.  The Career Day Committee Chair, in conjunction with the Counseling office, solicits a variety of speakers to visit HBMS to present their careers to HBMS students.  HBMS PTA hosts this event on one day in February.  Volunteers are needed for sign-ups (each class signs up on separate days about one month ahead of Career Day itself).  During this two-hour period, students register for the four different sessions they will attend on Career Day.  Some volunteers are needed on Career Day as well.  That day, they register the almost 40 guest speakers, help settle speakers in rooms, etc.

The HBMS Directory is published and distributed in September each year.  The Directory Committee Chair is responsible for working with the school’s Data Clerk to verify student information, establishing the directory format, selecting a printer, and soliciting sponsors for the directory.

Drug Awareness (Red Ribbon Week)
Red Ribbon Week is the centerpiece of HBMS’s Drug Awareness program.  It is celebrated in October each year.  The Drug Awareness Committee Chair is responsible for putting together a series of events to be carried out by the students throughout the week.  Volunteers are needed to help with various aspects of this program.

8th Grade Celebration
8th graders celebrate their graduation from HBMS with a dance held the evening before the last day of school.  The 8th Grade Celebration Committee Chair is responsible for planning this event, but many, many volunteers are needed to help decorate, cater, etc. Typically, parents of 8th graders lead many of the committees that prepare for this celebration; but, parents of 6th and 7th graders may assist during the event itself.

Family Photos
The Family Photos Committee Chair interfaces with a selected photography studio to book sitting appointments for HBMS families in the fall.

Front Office Assistance
HBMS’s front office is staffed by full-time professionals, however, PTA volunteers are needed to assist on most days from 8-8:30 am.  These volunteers answer student and parent questions and handle other office work, as needed, in the busy time before school starts.  This Committee Chair is responsible for scheduling the volunteers.

Haynes Bridge Games Days
HBMS Games Days are held for each class on three days in March or April each year.  PE teachers lead activities during Games Days, but the HBMS Games Committee Chair is responsible for leading the sign-up effort and providing support on Games Days.  Sign-up takes place approximately two weeks before Games Day.  Each class signs up on separate days. Volunteers man tables as students select which athletic activities they will participate in on Games Day.  The Games Day Chair is also responsible for getting water and a tent for students to use on Games Days. A few additional volunteers are needed on these days, too.

Hospitality for Teachers and Staff
HBMS PTA hosts a breakfast for HBMS teachers and staff every other month. The Hospitality Chair solicits volunteers to bring in breakfast items for this event:  muffins, breads, casseroles, juices, etc.  Volunteers also are called upon to help the Chair responsible for the Back-to-School and Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day Luncheons.

The Legislation Chair tracks state and national legislation that impacts education and funding that may affect HBMS. The Chair also reports on the potential impact that this legislation might have on the HBMS community via the PTA’s communication vehicles, i.e., its newsletter, website, and HBMS PTA Yahoo Group.

Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn sponsors a series of lunchtime educational programs throughout the school year.  These programs are tailored to HBMS parents and others who work with middle school-aged children.  The Lunch & Learn Committee Chair is responsible for planning the speakers for these sessions, publicizing the events, and supplying the beverages for attendees.

Media Center
A Media Specialist and para-professional staff HBMS’s Media Center, but there are many activities that require volunteer help.  First, volunteers are need to help work in the Media Center on a daily basis shelving books and helping with other projects, as needed. Second, there are several events hosted by the Media Center that require volunteer assistance: fall and spring Book Fairs, Latte Day in November, and Swap Day in the spring. These events range from one day to one week in length and usually require volunteers to serve in two-hour shifts.  The Media Center Committee Chair organizes volunteers for all these Media Center activities.

The Membership Committee Chair is responsible for leading HBMS’s PTA membership drive.  The Chair updates the HBMS PTA Membership Form over the summer, staffs the membership table on Information Day, gathers membership forms, tracks members on the National (OMDR) database, and submits required membership forms to GA PTA.  Though individuals continue to join HBMS PTA throughout the year, the bulk of the effort for this committee is completed by the end of November.

The Newsletter Committee Chair is responsible for producing the quarterly PTA newsletter, HBMS Eagle Eye.  The Chair solicits articles from PTA Board and Committee members as well as HBMS teachers and students. Then, the Chair works as editor to produce and distribute the quarterly newsletter.

Public Relations
The Public Relations Chair is responsible for getting HBMS/HBMS PTA news turned into newspaper stories.  Looking at the school calendar and working with school staff and PTA Board and Committee Chairs, the Public Relations Chair writes up events and stories about student awards, etc. and submits them to local news outlets.

Reflections is a National PTA Arts Recognition program. Each year, National PTA chooses a different theme.  Students can interpret this theme through their own creation of dance choreography, film video, literature, visual arts, photography, or musical media. The theme is unveiled in the spring so students can work on projects over the summer, but the Reflections Chair usually starts work in the fall applications are distributed, deadlines are announced, etc.  The Reflections Committee Chair is responsible for getting HBMS submissions judged and HBMS winners sent on to the North Fulton Council level.  The Chair also hosts a reception in February honoring all entrants.

School Tours
HBMS PTA sponsors tours of HBMS three times each year (and hosts a “virtual tour” on its website).  Families interested in learning more about HBMS are encouraged to attend these tours which are led by HBMS students as well as the Committee Chair.  Following each tour, HBMS’s Principal and Counselors meet with attendees to answer questions.  The School Tours Committee Chair is responsible for setting tour dates, leading the tours, and putting together a packet of materials that provides complementary material to attendees.

Scoliosis Screening
HBMS conducts state-mandated scoliosis screening each spring.  Volunteers are needed to register students as well as conduct the tests.  (Those who wish to conduct the tests must attend a one-day, one-time training course.)  Screening usually lasts one day and is held in February.

Spirit Wear
The Spirit Wear Committee Chair works during the summer before the school year begins to select the design for that year’s Spirit Wear line. Then, the Chair is responsible for pricing, stocking inventory, ordering, and sales during Information Day and immediately afterward.

Student Mentoring (STARS)
STARS (Students Teaching and Reaching Students) is an HBMS PTA-sponsored tutoring program.  STARS is held in a designated classroom on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:40-8:20 a.m.  This program is offered as an extra level of support to select students.  As its name implies, students provide the tutoring to other students.  Adult volunteers are needed to both provide additional tutoring and provide organizational support.  The STARS Committee Chair is responsible for recruiting and organizing parent volunteers.

Teacher Mini-Grants
HBMS PTA provides monetary grants to teachers and staff at HBMS each year. Any staff member interested in a grant applies using a form provided by the PTA.  The Mini-Grant Committee Chair is responsible for providing the Mini-Grant Application form to staff members each year as well as for overseeing the process of determining grant award winners.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator Committee Chair is responsible for collecting the input from the HBMS Volunteer Opportunities Form and distributing that information to appropriate HBMS Committee Chairs.  This chair also tracks volunteer hours throughout the year.

The Website Committee Chair is responsible for maintaining the HBMS PTA website.  Working with the HBMS Board and Committee Chairs, the Website Chair also develops and posts new content as needed.

Welcome Back & End-of-Year Staff Luncheons
The Staff Luncheons Committee Chair is responsible for hosting two luncheons held for HBMS teachers and staff each year one in August before school starts and the teacher/staff appreciation luncheon in May.  This Chair relies on volunteers from the “Hospitality” pool for assistance.

Nominating Committee
This is an ad hoc committee charged with recommending a slate of officers each spring for the following year’s HBMS PTA Board.  This temporary committee, made up of three members, is formally elected at the January General PTA meeting and then meets on an ad hoc basis to develop a slate of candidates.  The Nominating Committee presents their slate at the April General PTA meeting when the new Board is formally elected by the general PTA membership.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

HBMS Clinic
The HBMS Clinic also needs volunteers.  If you could volunteer time in the Clinic, please let us know.